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Vol. 32 No. 14/Nisan 5777/April 7-April 13, 2017

N.Y./N.J. Region: $1.00

Best Defense Strong Offense:

The BDSers

B e n j a m i n W e i n t h a l / P a g e 2 6

J U L I E B Y K O W I C Z A N D S T E P H E N B R A U N / P A G E 3

TrumpAdvisersRicher ThanPreviousOfficials

Taking It To


EarningsEngines InNeutral

President Donald Trump’s Jewish son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and

daughter Ivanka are holding onto scores of real-estate investments

— part of a portfolio of at least $240 million in assets — while they

serve in White House jobs, according to new financial disclosures